1:You skip breakfast
After a seven to eight hour fast you need energy. Food is fuel and by eating breakfast your focus will improve and so will your metabolism. Make sure you add some protein to help keep you satisfied for longer.
2:You eat healthy, but too much
Its good that you are making healthy choices but keep in mind that although these foods are good for you they still have calories. Nuts, Nut butters, dark chocolate, rice etc etc are all great food choices, but the macros can add up very quickly. For example 20 cashews nuts equals approx 300 calories. 
3: You don’t eat enough veggies
If you eat more veggies (specifically the green leafy vegetables) you will get more nutrients in your diets and the fibre will keep you full longer between meals. Not only that but green vegetables are very low in calories, approximately 30-50 calories per portion of broccoli.
4: You don’t sleep enough at night
Not getting enough shut eye at night can increase your appetite. Not only that but it affects your recovery, energy and focus which makes for less than intense workouts. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep a night.
5: Your focus is on cardio
Yes Cardio will help you burn calories but it doesn’t help shape your body, build muscles, improve definition or body composition. Weight training should be the focus of your time spent in the gym. The more muscle you have the faster your metabolism will be. Hit the weights and turn your body into a fat burning machine.
6: You aren’t eating enough
The worst thing you can do when trying to lose weight is to starve yourself. Not only will it mess up your metabolism and prevent you from gaining muscle, it can also lead to overeating at times because you are so hungry. I recommend eating smaller portions and spacing your meals out, tracking your calories and macronutrients in a food log similar to “my fitness pal” to make sure you are talking in enough fuel throughout the day.
7: You eat out too much
Going out to eat with friends is a lot of fun but eating out more than you are cooking at home can make if difficult to drop body fat. Not only is the temptation there to order drinks, appetizers and desserts, but the main dish is likely cooked with sauces and oils, which can add hundreds of calories that you are not aware of. A great recommendation is to make more meals at home and if you do go out try to order healthier options with sauces on the side.
8: You choose low fat/fat free foods
When you choose foods that have a lower calories count or lower fat, typically they are filled with extra sodium, sugar or chemical additives to make up for the missing ingredient. Not only that, but when the calories are lower, we tend to eat more of it and end up consuming more calories than we would if we just ate a regular portion of the real thing.
9:You aren’t prepared
Prep and cook your meals in advance and always plan two meals ahead. Being prepared will prevent you from grabbing the quickest and most convenient food choice (which usually isn’t the healthiest).
 Take it one day at a time, plan in advance and be consistent. Cook more at home and eat real whole foods. Remember that any progress is still progress towards your goals. You can do this!