Transformations at MH Elite

Here are just a few of my amazing clients, and their transformations over the last few years!

Hover over the images for a little story behind each client.

Sara Dexter

Sara has always been keen on fitness but only started lifting weights 2 years ago. Sara's enthusiasm, love of hard ass training and living ultra clean is key to her success in getting into fantastic condition and making her into a lean mean lifting machine.

Vicky Green

It's been about 2 and half years since Vicky started her fitness journey. From 1 session a week of beginners Bootcamp to a busy 6 day week training schedule Vicky has completely changed her physique. A tough, disciplined training regime coupled with the right nutrition is paramount for Vicky to able to stand on stage to compete in bikini fitness comps.

Jane Boyes

As you can see Jane has achieved amazing results. With a sensible healthy realistic diet, continual hard work in pt and Bootcamp sessions these incredible changes in aesthetics have been made. But it's not all about the physical changes made along the way. Increased confidence and ethos with regards a healthier lifestyle are also fundamental to a transformation.

Steve Green

Another great transformation with Steve Green. Having transformed his physique from just a standard normal guy on the beach to a stage ready British physique finalist these kind of results don't come easy. It takes 100% dedication, months of hard ass training and correct nutrition.

Matt Isbell

After losing 3st 2lb (44lbs) Matt completed a Bootcamp class with the weight vest weighing in at exactly the amount he has lost over his fitness journey. Making changes to his diet and working his ass off Matt has not only managed to shift all this weight and change his body composition but his overall strength and fitness has come on leaps and bounds.

Nicky Dring

Great transformation goes to Nicky D. Fantastic results I'm pretty sure you would all agree. It shows that hard work, continuity and a healthy balanced diet really does work. Well done Nicky, now let's take it to the next level